Anne Libby

The Golden Door

November 4–December 16 2018

Nikholis Planck

September 16–October 28 2018

Snarl Of Twine

Robert Bordo, Shirley Irons, Kathryn Kerr, Becky Kolsrud, Israel Lund, Annabeth Marks, Donald Moffett, Dona Nelson, Nikholis Planck, Lucien Smith, Roger White

June 21–July 27 2018

Christine Wang

"Twilight" at 95 Orchard Street

June 21–July 27 2018

Nathaniel Robinson

No One's Things

May 16–June 17 2018

Alex Kwartler


May 16–June 17 2018

Frieze New York 2018

Tiril Hasselknippe
Barbara Ess
Madeline Hollander

May 4–May 6 2018

Frame Structures

Keren Cytter
Linnea Kniaz
Sara Magenheimer
Steel Stillman

April 1–May 6 2018

Dallas Art Fair 2018

April 12–April 15 2018

Independent Art Fair 2018

March 8–March 11 2018

Peter Scott: Arcadias

Group exhibition: Jennifer Bolande, Ethan Breckenridge, Francis Cape, Vija Celmins, Barbara Ess, Jeff Gibson, Dan Graham and Robin Hurst, Neil Jenney, Virginia Inés Vergara

February 18–March 25 2018

Zach Bruder

Edening On

January 7–February 11 2018

Ebecho Muslimova


January 7–February 11 2018

Skip Zone


November 5–December 17 2017

Don Dudley

Recent Work

September 17–October 29 2017

Nagy / Libby / Le Va

April 30–June 23 2017

Sven Loven

The Infamous Crush

March 24–April 23 2017

Theodore Darst

Cult Trash

March 24–April 23 2017

Bill Saylor


February 19–March 19 2017

The Garden of Forking Paths

Organized by Adam Marnie

Aura Rosenberg, Barbara Ess, Calvin Marcus, Craig Smyth, Hannah Buonaguro, Heather Bursch, Kevin Zucker, Megan Plunkett, NOWORK, Peter Sutherland, Roni Shneior, Ryan Foerster, Steel Stillman, Thatcher Keats

January 8–February 12 2017

Alex Kwartler

Pain Quotidien

November 6–December 18 2016

Georg Herold

Consideration Is Of No Money

Curated by Liz Koury

November 6–December 18 2016

Lillian Schwartz


September 18–October 30 2016

Record Lines This Summer

Curated by Ellie Rines

Dylan Bailey, Marlous Borm, Zach Bruder, Dan Herschlein, Denise Kupferschmidt, Oren Pinhassi
And a text by Michael Feinstein

June 15–July 27 2016

Melissa Brown

Past Present Future
Performance Wednesday, July 20 at 6:30pm

June 15–July 27 2016

Aaron Aujla

Library Desk at The Punjab University
Visible 24/7 through the window at 95 Orchard Street

June 15–July 27 2016

Efficient Frontier

Michael Assiff, Gretchen Bender, Ethan Breckenridge, Ashley Carter, Lea Cetera, Peter Nagy, Ariane Schick, Josh Tonsfeldt and Philip Vanderhyden.

May 1–June 8 2016

Trevor Shimizu

Visible 24/7 through the window at 95 Orchard Street

March 17–April 24 2016

William Wegman

March 17–April 24 2016

Nathaniel Robinson

Discrete Pieces

December 12–January 31 2016