Derrida Database: Launch & Lecture

6:30pm Friday, January 19

Please join us this Friday in celebrating the launch of, an enormous database of the work of philosopher Jacques Derrida. This project, undertaken by Jake Reeder, Ph.D. Teaching Associate of Philosophy at Marist College, and software developer, Paul Hine, organizes over 100 texts by Derrida into 871 motifs.

Jacques Derrida, perhaps commonly recognized for terms like deconstruction, differance, supplement, parasite, iterability and dissemination, also took the time to write about nearly everything else. The database not only provides a cross-sectional index of terms so that you can find where, for example, Derrida speaks about Justice, Christianity or Heidegger, but each entry gives you the chance to think about the interrupted context you might never retrace.This resource believes itself to be a singular type of machine: a pre-capitalist one. It ought to inspire more machines both like and unlike it. It ought to render itself rapidly obsolete.

Reception from 6–8pm with a lecture promptly at 6:30pm.