November 5–December 17 2017

Press Release Selected Press

Tiril Hasselknippe, Resting Dawn (Kah Bee), 2017. Epoxy and pigment. 78 x 40 in (198.12h x 101.60w cm).
Detail: Tiril Hasselknippe, Resting Dawn (Tiril), 2017. Epoxy and pigment. 78 x 40 in (198.12h x 101.60w cm).
Detail: Tiril Hasselknippe, Skip Zone Radio Tower, 2017. Welded steel. 112.5 x 41 in (285.75 x 105.41 cm).
Left: Sandra Mujinga, Shawl (Elephant Ears) #5, 2017. PVC, acrylic paint, faux leather, grommets, carabiner, glycerin, threaded rod, rod coupling, closed hooks. 57.09 x 25.59 x 22.83 in (145 x 65 x 58 cm).

Right: Sandra Mujinga, Octo Handbag, 2017. Coated PVC rubber, nylon ribbon. 13.39 x 6.30 x 39.37 in (34 x 16 x 100 cm).
Sandra Mujinga, Catching Up, 2017. HD video projection loop with sound, 10:16 minutes, MDF panels, paint. Dimensions variable.
Detail: Kah Bee Chow, Shield (III), 2017. Curved aluminum sheet, rivets, shaped handles. 47.24 x 28.35 in (120 x 72 cm).
Kah Bee Chow, , 2017. Vinyl, faux fur, aluminum foam, curved aluminum sheet, chicken wire, expanding foam, raffia, camping table, plexiglas, chairs, laser cut and engraved plexiglas, wax casts, LED bulb, light fixtures, chipboard, plates, oranges, cups, sour plums, containers, shelving unit, trolley, spray-paint, plastic tube, paraffin, beeswax, modelling wax, pigment, chipboard, light fixture, silicone. Dimensions variable.

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